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The Visitors to our site vary from senior decision makers, to project executives, to business development managers, to academicians, to students, to researchers. We receive very interesting and useful response & feedback which encourages us and helps us in continuous improvement. Following are the excerpts of some of the responses:


Your organisation is doing a great job in promoting India's energy industry both non-conventional and conventional. Wishing you more successes in your future endeavours.

Ramanathan Menon
Sun Power
February, 2008

Checking out the site - very impressive.....

February, 2008

I came to the website today, and it made me really happy to see that...... Just want to say what a nice site.......I really enjoyed the website.

Mukesh kumar Singh
February, 2008

.... India Core is a well known organisation which is having a great impact on Energy managers through out the country..... India core gives the most useful information to the students from various Industries.......

Devipriya Paikaroy
January, 2008

.... on this subject, this is the most good site.....

Mr U Vidal Mendez
January, 2008

.... The site's very professional......

Mr Toby S Tiktinsky
January, 2008

.... Excellent website......I have added it to favorites!

Sanjay Jain
December, 2007

.... Easy to find helpful information.....

Alexandre Leymarie
December, 2007

.... Very good contents... Good stuff, very nicely done...... Thank you! I am delighted!

Boris Westphal
December, 2007

.... Excellent website with fantastic references and reading.... well done indeed....

Egill Juliusson
December, 2007

.... Very good web forum, great work and thank you for your service......... Easy to find helpful information........... Very nicely done forum........

Pankaj Gupta
November, 2007

........ I just wanted to pass on a note to let you know what a great job you have done with this website.......Thanks!

Robert B Almeida
New York
November, 2007

....I browse and saw your website and I found it very interesting...........Thank you for the good work....... Greetings.......

November, 2007

.... I'm highly impressed with the information given in your website..........

P K Pattanaik
October, 2007

....Good resources here. Cheers

October, 2007

....Many interesting information on your site - keep up the good work.....

September, 2007

.... Keep it going, thanks........ I found exactly the information...

Willy Thomson
September, 2007

.... its very informative and knowledgable website, keep it up

Praveen Kumar
National Sample Survey Organisation, Ministry of Statistics, Govt of India
September, 2007

Very interesting site, beautiful design, thanks.

August, 2007

Hello, Your site is great. Regards.

August, 2007

Thanks for sending the Information Updates...... they are very useful..... I am keen on getting more information in water management and conservation. Keep mailing interesting articles.

July, 2007

I have come to know about your site only this month and I am pretty impressed by the content that your site provides........... I wanted more information on Environment Infrastructure in India.

Shyni Abraham
June, 2007

I am a MBA Ist year student, doing my summer project in the Power Sector........... I would like to have the latest update on the Indian Power Scenario, SEB Reforms, Power Policies of the Indian Government.

Shavinder Kumar
May, 2007

I visited your site, an excellent one.......... I am doing research work on coal sector and would like to get the following information:
What's the demand for thermal Coal in India
How much of coal is being imported - data statewise, industrywise, plantwise...........

Apresh Deva
April, 2007

..... God Bless You .........

Mr Ramkrishna Gunaji
Vice President (Corporate Affairs)
Reliance Industries Ltd
June, 2006

I found this site to be very informative. Congrats on everybody's efforts in setting this site up. Reading all the news gives a feeling that India is really progressing in a right way. However it would be real nice to indicate on the site, the progress the projects have achieved. Like say, the WorldTel project got approved. It would be real nice to let know the information on weekly/monthly basis how far this project is over. What steps have been taken in this aspect. What stages have been cleared. In that way it gives a clear cut idea of how far we are into all the efforts and whether the project really is happening or not and what can be expected in the future.

Also one may start a Discussion Board inviting suggestions from people across the globe on how a particular aspect can be improved upon. For say putting up a question- 'How can telecom infrastructure be developed upon?' and inviting the common man's suggestions. In that way everybody contributes alteast verbally in their thoughts on the constructive efforts in building up our nation.

Is there any document on how, what, when, bandwidth of the telecom infrastructure is- in India. I was told the telecom infrastructure is updated to Optic fibres in india. How far is it true. Does it mean that if one were to set up an ISP, speeds > 56k can be achieved.

Menon Prakash
March 2002

We are looking for international telecom termination into India........ We are based in the USA. Thank You.

Donald William Bodenberg
February, 2002

I think has taken up a real good progressive approach....... But I would like to suggest that there should be wider exposure to the professionals  with a good potential. Thank you.

Hitesh Jashvantsinh Parmar
Wirtgen India Pvt. Ltd
January, 2002


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