IndiaCore Presents:

The HydroPower Association

International Conference
Water Resources Development- Flood Control, Irrigation, Drinking Water, Waterways, Hydro Electric Power & its Transmission System

February 3- 4, 2004; New Delhi. INDIA

Council of Power Utilities

Co-Organised by:
The Dams Society

Assn. of Energy Supply Industry

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Conference Topics

- Water Resources Development
Impact of water resources development on socio-economic advancement of a Country
Accelerated completion of water resources development projects
Contracts and consultancy
Role of private sector
Role of satellite & communications
Financing Issues and role of financial agencies

- Flood Control & Irrigation
Multipurpose developments including irrigation, recreation & pisiculture
Role of Irrigation & Drainage in food production & sustainable rural development
Modernization of irrigation system
Electricity requirements for irrigation
Flood Control Management - role of dams
Optimizing reservoir operation

- Drinking Water, Ground Water & Waste Water Management Issues
Ground Water, Waste Water management & reuse
Water requirements for thermal and nuclear power plants
Water Quality & Health aspects

- Inter-state water resources development schemes- problems and solutions

- Water resource development- especially in developing countries
Necessity of storage/large & small dams- their design and management

- Navigation, Inland waterways transport

- Hydro Power Potential Development & Opportunities
Adequacy of Policy on hydro power development
Reforms needed for growth of hydro power
Hydro power plant- safety & noise control
Research & new technology for development of hydro power
Pumped storage developments, Hydro power benefits
Operation, maintenance, refurbishment & up rating of Hydropower plants
Role of private sector in hydro power development
Financing and role of financial agencies

- Developer’s Responsibilities and Government Role
Environment & Social Aspects
Sedimentation Management
Rehabilatation & Resettlement
Legal and legislative aspects

- Restructuring of Power System, Privatization of Transmission & Distribution System
Evacuation of Power
Transmission System Expansion & Management of Power
R&M of Existing Transmission Systems
Role of Private Sector in Transmission System
Trading of Energy & Reforms needed for trading of electricity
Corporatization & Private Sector in Distribution System


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