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WELTEC Optimises Wastewater Plants- By Weltec Biopower

In the future, the anaerobic fermentation and utilisation of sludge from wastewater plants will play an increasingly important role. To ensure an economically and ecologically sustainable solution, more and more municipalities decide to optimise the energy potential of their sewage plants. For a plant dimension of 20,000 to 30,000 PE (population equivalent), biogas plant manufacturer WELTEC BIOPOWER from Lower Saxony, Germany, offers an attractive retrofit package for anaerobic sludge treatment.

Sustainable sludge treatment strategies are vital – also in view of the fact that many countries plan to discontinue the use of sludge as fertiliser. In some countries, this plan has already been enforced. Moreover the energy potential of this resource and the part that remains unused in sewage plant operation are still high. These framework conditions as well as rising energy prices amplify the need for municipalities to act.

For this reason, WELTEC BIOPOWER has developed an optimised anaerobic sludge treatment approach: Following the preliminary treatment of the wastewater and the removal of pollutants, anaerobic sludge fermentation – during which the sewage gas develops – is the process step that offers a particularly high energy utilisation and saving potential for the sewage plant.

„With this possibility to generate power for their own consumption, sewage plants can cut their energy costs by up to a quarter“, says Hajo Schierhold, Sales Manager of WELTEC BIOPOWER. „Additionally, the heat produced by the cogeneration unit can be used directly and inexpensively to heat buildings and the digester in order to accelerate the entire fermentation process“, adds Schierhold.

The fermentation also reduces the amount of sludge, which ultimately results in lower sludge disposal costs. „This reduces the sewage plant operating costs even more“, explains Hajo Schierhold. Apart from the microeconomic benefit, a macroeconomic benefit also arises for the eco-balance: The reduction helps avoid harmful greenhouse gas emissions that diffuse into the atmosphere during aerobic sludge stabilisation. However, to benefit from these advantages, appropriate plant technology must be implemented: A suitable anaerobic unit is required for sludge stabilisation under consideration of the properties of the sludge. This unit must be equipped with a special roof for intermediate storage of the fermentation gas as an energy source for the cogeneration (CHP) supply.

The modular digesters of WELTEC BIOPOWER are especially suitable for this purpose: In these mature stainless-steel bio-reactors, harmful carbon compounds are efficiently converted to methane by means of microbiological decomposition processes in the absence of air. „In view of the mounting energy prices and the advantages of a reduced sludge volume, the upgrade of sewage plants with a view to utilisation of fermentation gas for energy purposes is especially attractive for the range of 10,000 to 30,000 PE“, says Hajo Schierhold. Particularly for a population equivalent of 20,000, the plants have the highest share of own energy consumption and thus the highest saving potential.

Obviously, this news has already spread to Hungary, France and Finland: In these countries, operators have already invested in the WELTEC package comprising specially designed fermenters, high-quality components and optimised energy extraction processes. Moreover, investors appear to be especially impressed by the extensive biogas technology expertise, from the ground slab to digester technology to CHP systems.

For more information about the anaerobic sludge treatment, visit WELTEC BIOPOWER from May, 5th to 9th at the IFAT in Munich (Hall / Booth: A3/523).


For a plant dimension of 20,000 to 30,000 PE (population equivalent), WELTEC
offers an attractive retrofit package for anaerobic sludge treatment.

Company Portrait

In 2014, WELTEC BIOPOWER GmbH, one of the first manufacturers of biogas plants, celebrated its 13th anniversary. WELTEC is one of the pioneers of the constructors of biogas plants. Based on the modern approach of experienced engineers, the company from Vechta, Germany with its expertise of a staff of close to 80, offers complete biogas plants from one source and has developed to a leading constructor of biogas plants in the world.

As the hydrogen sulphide and ammonia compounds contained in biogas corrode unprotected parts, WELTEC builds the digesters from stainless steel. This ensures a long useful life of the plant. The manufacturing depth also guarantees a consistently high standard regardless of the location and ensures an export rate that is far above the industry average.

The plants have a modular structure. WELTEC uses only proven system components and develops most of the technologies along the entire value chain internally: digester technology, mixing technology, control technology, hygienisation systems, and digestate processing solutions originate from the company.

By means of its comprehensive services, WELTEC ensures the technical and economic stability of the biogas plants. The CHP service guarantees stable output, the biological supervision ensures continuous monitoring of the relevant parameters, and systematic repowering makes sure that the biogas plant is always up to date. Operators can choose from a range of service packages of different types and scope.

One of the main strengths of WELTEC is the ability to deliver individual and flexible solutions worldwide – from compact plants to large computer-controlled plants in the megawatt range, waste recycling plants, and biogas parks with gas processing technology.

The statements or opinions or product features are those of the company and are not necessarily agreed or authorised or endorsed by

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