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Title NELP: A Consummate Viewpoint on Indian Oil and Gas Industry-2014
Year Published 2014, September
Format Digital-format-PDF
Pages Pp 1500
Delivery Indian as well as International Orders & Deliveries accepted
Product Code IPBI-154
Price in INR (for Indian Orders)

Digital-format-PDF: Rs 50000
Combined-Print-plus-Digital-PDF: Rs 55000

Price in USD (for International Orders) Digital-format-PDF: USD 1150
Combined-Print-plus-Digital-PDF: USD 1250

Book Details

NELP or the New Exploration Licensing Policy is a scheme launched by the Government of India to accelerate the speed of hydrocarbon exploration and production in India. NELP is currently in its 10th round. This is a 1500+ pager business series report on New Exploration and Licensing Policy (NELP) Blocks which will cover critical and updated information on the following:

• profiles of blocks awarded in all the rounds starting from Pre-NELP era
• month-wise updates on the blocks
• recent developments and royalty computations
• details of the companies to whom the blocks are awarded
• potential of the blocks
• area of the blocks awarded in the rounds
• challenges faced by the government in awarding the blocks
• present status of the blocks

The report will be divided into 2 parts. The first part will cover the critical analysis of the previous NELP rounds ranging from overview of each round, number of blocks offered in each round, area (in sq. km) of the rounds, potential of the blocks, companies to whom the blocks are awarded, policy description, challenges faced by the government in awarding the blocks, policy paralysis, a special report on NELP X, etc.

The second part of the report will be dedicated to profiling of 284 NELP Blocks starting from Pre NELP to NELP X which covers details like area of the block, its potential, company to which it has been awarded to, etc.

Key Benefits:

• identify business growth opportunities and challenges in Indian states
• understanding of India’s lucrative oil and gas market
• understand the expected change in dynamics of the Indian oil and gas industry by identifying the upcoming assets
• develop strategies based on the latest operational, financial, and regulatory events
• identify the strengths and weaknesses of the leading oil & gas companies in India
• facilitate market analysis and forecasting of future industry trends
• simplify decision making on the basis of production, reserves and capacity data of the blocks


Table of Content

1. Executive Summary

2. Introduction
2.1 Policy Description

3. History
3.1 Overview of NELP
3.2 Need for the Policy

4. Introduction to NELP Rounds
4.1 A brief on Pre-NELP era
4.2 NELP Rounds
4.2.1 Number of blocks offered in each round
4.2.2 Area (in sq. km) of the rounds
4.2.3 Potential of the blocks
4.2.4 Companies to whom the blocks are awarded

5.NELP X- A special Report

6.Recent Developments
6.1 Technological Advancements

7.Challenges faced in awarding the blocks
7.1 Policy Paralysis
7.2 Technological Hindrances

8. Profiles of NELP Blocks

8.1 Pre-Nelp
8.1.1 AA-ONJ/2: Assam, Onshore
8.1.2 AA-ON/7: Assam Arakan (Arunachal), Onshore
8.1.3 AAP-ON-94/1: Assam Arakan (Arunachal), Onshore
8.1.4 BB-OS/5: Mumbai, Shallow Water
8.1.5 CB-ON/1: Cambay, Onshore
8.1.6 CB-ON/2: Cambay, Onshore
8.1.7 CB-ON/3: Cambay, Onshore
8.1.8 CB-ON/7: Cambay, Onshore
8.1.9 CB-OS/1: Cambay, Shallow Water
8.1.10 CB-OS/2: Cambay, Shallow Water
8.1.11 CR-ON-90/1: Assam Arakan, Onshore
8.1.12 CY-OS/2: Krishna-Godavari, Onshore
8.1.13 CY-OS-90/1 (PY-3/PY3): Cauvery, Shallow Water
8.1.14 GK-ON/4: Gujarat-Kutch, Onshore
8.1.15 GK-OS/5: Gujarat-Kutch, Shallow Water
8.1.16 GK-OSJ/1: Gujarat-Kutch, Shallow Water
8.1.17 GK-OSJ/3: Gujarat-Kutch, Shallow Water
8.1.18 KG-ON/1: Krishna-Godavari, Onshore
8.1.19 KG-OS/6: Krishna-Godavari, Shallow Water
8.1.20 RJ-ON/6: Rajasthan, Onshore
8.1.21 SR-OSN-94/1: Porbandar, Shallow Water
8.1.22 AA-ON/7 (AA-ON-7): Assam Arakan (Arunchal), Onshore

8.2 NELP-I
8.2.1 CY-OSN-97/1: Cauvery, Shallow Water
8.2.2 CY-OSN-97/2: Cauvery, Shallow Water
8.2.3 GK-OSN-97/1: Gujarat-Kutch, Shallow Water
8.2.4 GV-ONN-97/1: Ganga Valley, Onshore
8.2.5 KG-DWN-98/1: Krishna-Godavari, Deep Water
8.2.6 KG-DWN-98/2: Krishna-Godavari, Deep Water
8.2.7 KG-DWN-98/4: Krishna-Godavari, Deep Water
8.2.8 KG-OS-97/1: Krishna-Godavari, Shallow Water
8.2.9 KG-DWN-98/5: Krishna-Godavari, Deep Water
8.2.10 KG-OSN-97/2: Krishna-Godavari, Deep Water
8.2.11 KG-OSN-97/3: Krishna-Godavari, Shallow Water
8.2.12 KG-OSN-97/4: Krishna-Godavari, Shallow Water
8.2.13 KK-OSN-97/2: Kerala-Konkan, Shallow Water
8.2.14 KK-OSN-97/3: Kerala-Konkan, Shallow Water
8.2.15 MB-OSN-97/2: Mumbai, Shallow Water
8.2.16 MB-OSN-97/3: Mumbai, Shallow Water
8.2.17 MB-OSN-97/4: Mumbai, Onshore
8.2.18 MN-DWN-98/2: Mahanadi, Deep Water
8.2.19 MN-DWN-98/3: Mahanadi, Deep Water
8.2.20 MN-OSN-97/3: Mahanadi, Deep Water
8.2.21 NEC-OSN-97/1: Bengal, Shallow Water
8.2.22 NEC-OSN-97/2 (NEC-25): Bengal, Shallow Water
8.2.23 AS-ONN-2000/1: Upper Assam, Onshore
8.2.24 KG-DWN-98/3 (D6): Krishna-Godavari, Deep Water
8.2.25 SR-OSN-97/1: RIL

8.3.1 CB-ONN-2000/1: Cambay, Onshore
8.3.2 CB-ONN-2000/2: Cambay, Onshore
8.3.3 CY-OSN-2000/1: Cauvery, Shallow Water
8.3.4 CY-OSN-2000/2: Cauvery, Shallow Water
8.3.5 GS-DWN-2000/1: Gujarat-Surashtra, Deep Water
8.3.6 GS-DWN-2000/2: Gujarat-Surashtra, Deep Water
8.3.7 GS-OSN-2000/1: Gujarat-Surashtra, Offshore
8.3.8 GV-ONN-2000/1: Ganga Valley, Onshore
8.3.9 KK-DWN-2000/1: Kerala-Konkan, Deep Water
8.3.10 KK-DWN-2000/2: Kerala-Konkan, Deep Water
8.3.11 KK-DWN-2000/3: Kerala-Konkan, Deep Water
8.3.12 KK-DWN-2000/4: Kerala-Konkan, Deep Water
8.3.13 KK-OSN-2000/1: Kerala-Konkan, Shallow Water
8.3.14 MB-DWN-2000/1: Mumbai, Deep Water
8.3.15 MB-DWN-2000/2: Mumbai, Deep Water
8.3.16 MB-OSN-2000/1: Mumbai, Shallow Water
8.3.17 MN-ONN-2000/1: Mahanadi, Onshore
8.3.18 MN-OSN-2000/2: Mahanadi, Onshore
8.3.19 RJ-ONN-2000/1: Rajasthan, Onshore
8.3.20 WB-ONN-2000/1: Bengal, Onshore
8.3.21 WB-OSN-2000/1: Bengal, Onshore
8.3.22 MN-OSN-2000/1

8.4.1 AA-ONN-2001/1: Assam-Arakan, Onshore
8.4.2 AA-ONN-2001/2: Assam-Arakan, Onshore
8.4.3 AA-ONN-2001/3: Assam-Arakan, Onshore
8.4.4 AA-ONN-2001/4: Assam-Arakan, Onshore
8.4.5 CB-ONN-2001/1: Cambay, Onshore
8.4.6 CY-DWN-2001/1: Cauvery, Deep Water
8.4.7 CY-DWN-2001/2: Cauvery, Deep Water
8.4.8 CY-PR-DWN-2001/1: Palar, Deep Water
8.4.9 CY-PR-DWN-2001/3: Cauvery, Deep Water
8.4.10 CY-PR-DWN-2001/4: Cauvery, Deep Water
8.4.11 GS-OSN-2001/1: Gujarat-Surashtra, Shallow Water
8.4.12 HF-ONN-2001/1: Himalayan Foreland, Onshore
8.4.13 KG-DWN-2001/1: Krishna-Godavari, Shallow Water
8.4.14 KG-OSN-2001/1: Krishna-Godavari, Shallow Water
8.4.15 KG-OSN-2001/2: Krishna-Godavari, Shallow Water
8.4.16 KK-DWN-2001/1: Kerala-Konkan, Deep Water
8.4.17 KK-DWN-2001/2: Kerala-Konkan, Deep Water
8.4.18 KK-DWN-2001/3: Kerala-Konkan, Deep Water
8.4.19 KK-OSN-2001/2: Kerala-Konkan, Shallow Water
8.4.20 KK-OSN-2001/3: Kerala-Konkan, Shallow Water
8.4.21 PG-ONN-2001/1: Pranhita-Godavari, Onshore
8.4.22 RJ-ONN-2001/1: Rajasthan, Onshore
8.4.23 KG-OSN-2001/3: Krishna-Godavari, Shallow Water

8.5.1 AA-ONN-2002/1: Assam-Arakan, Onshore
8.5.2 AA-ONN-2002/3: Assam-Arakan, Onshore
8.5.3 AA-ONN-2002/4: Assam-Arakan, Onshore
8.5.4 AN-DWN-2002/1: Andaman Nicobar, Deep Water
8.5.5 AN-DWN-2002/2: Andaman Nicobar, Deep Water
8.5.6 CB-ONN-2002/1: Cambay, Onshore
8.5.7 CB-ONN-2002/2: Cambay, Onshore
8.5.8 CB-ONN-2002/3: Cambay, Onshore
8.5.9 CY-ONN-2002/1: Cauvery, Onshore
8.5.10 CY-ONN-2002/2: Cauvery, Onshore
8.5.11 GS-DWN-2002/1: Gujarat-Surashtra, Deep Water
8.5.12 GV-ONN-2002/1: Ganga Valley, Onshore
8.5.13 KG-DWN-2002/1: Krishna-Godavari, Deep Water
8.5.14 KK-DWN-2002/2: Kerala-Konkan, Deep Water
8.5.15 KK-DWN-2002/3: Kerala-Konkan, Deep Water
8.5.16 MN-DWN-2002/1: Mahanadi, Deep Water
8.5.17 MN-DWN-2002/2: Mahanadi, Deep Water
8.5.18 MN-DWN-2002/3: Mahanadi, Deep Water
8.5.19 NEC-DWN-2002/1: Bengal, Deep Water
8.5.20 NEC-DWN-2002/2: Bengal, Deep Water
8.5.21 RJ-ONN-2002/1: Rajasthan, Onshore

8.6 NELP-V
8.6.1 AA-ONN-2003/1: Assam-Arakan, Onshore
8.6.2 AA-ONN-2003/2: Assam- Arakan (Arunachal), Onshore
8.6.3 AA-ONN-2003/3: Assam Arakan (Arunachal), Onshore
8.6.4 AN-DWN-2003/1: Andaman Nicobar, Deep Water
8.6.5 AN-DWN-2003/2: Andaman Nicobar, Deep Water
8.6.6 CB-ONN-2003/1: Cambay, Onshore
8.6.7 CB-ONN-2003/2: Cambay, Onshore
8.6.8 CB-OSN-2003/1: Gulf of Cambay, Onshore
8.6.9 CY-ONN-2003/1: Cauvery, Onshore
8.6.10 DS-ONN-2003/1:Deccan Syenclise, Onshore
8.6.11 GS-OSN-2003/1: Gujarat-Surashtra, Shallow Water
8.6.12 GV-ONN-2003/1: Ganga Valley, Onshore
8.6.13 KG-DWN-2003/1: Krishna Godavari, Deep Water
8.6.14 KG-ONN-2003/1: Krishna-Godavari, Onshore
8.6.15 KK-DWN-2003/1: Kerala-Konkan, Deep Water
8.6.16 KK-DWN-2003/2: Kerala-Konkan, Deep Water
8.6.17 MN-DWN-2003/1: Mahandi, Deep Water
8.6.18 RJ-ONN-2003/1: Rajasthan, Onshore
8.6.19 RJ-ONN-2003/2: Rajasthan, Onshore
8.6.20 VN-ONN-2003/1: Vindhyan, Onshore

8.7.1 AA-ONN-2004/1: Assam Arakan, Onshore
8.7.2 AA-ONN-2004/2: Assam-Arakan, Onshore
8.7.3 AA-ONN-2004/3: Assam-Arakan, Onshore
8.7.4 AA-ONN-2004/4: Assam-Arakan, Onshore
8.7.5 AA-ONN-2004/5: Assam-Arakan, Onshore
8.7.6 CB-ONN-2004/1: Cambay, Onshore
8.7.7 CB-ONN-2004/2: Cambay, Onshore
8.7.8 CB-ONN-2004/3: Cambay, Onshore
8.7.9 CB-ONN-2004/4: Cambay, Onshore
8.7.10 CB-ONN-2004/5: Cambay, Onshore
8.7.11 CB-OSN-2004/1: Gulf of Cambay, Shallow Water
8.7.12 CY-DWN-2004/1: Cauvery, Deep Water
8.7.13 CY-DWN-2004/2: Cauvery, Deep Water
8.7.14 CY-DWN-2004/3: Cauvery, Deep Water
8.7.15 CY-DWN-2004/4: Cauvery, Deep Water
8.7.16 CY-ONN-2004/1: Cauvery, Onshore
8.7.17 CY-ONN-2004/2: Cauvery, Onshore
8.7.18 CY-PR-DWN-2004/1: Cauvery, Deep Water
8.7.19 CY-PR-DWN-2004/2: Cauvery,Deep Water
8.7.20 DS-ONN-2004/1: Deccan Syenclise, Onshore
8.7.21 GS-OSN-2004/1: Gujarat-Surashtra, Shallow Water
8.7.22 GV-ONN-2004/1: Ganga-Valley, Onshore
8.7.23 KG-DWN-2004/1: Krishna-Godavari, Deep Water
8.7.24 KG-DWN-2004/2: Krishna-Godavari, Deep Water
8.7.25 KG-DWN-2004/3: Krishna-Godavari, Deep Water
8.7.26 KG-DWN-2004/4: Krishna-Godavari, Deep Water
8.7.27 KG-DWN-2004/5: Krishna-Godavari, Deep Water
8.7.28 KG-DWN-2004/6: Krishna-Godavari, Deep Water
8.7.29 KG-DWN-2004/7: Krishna-Godavari, Deep Water
8.7.30 KG-ONN-2004/1: Krishna-Godavari, Onshore
8.7.31 KG-ONN-2004/2: Krishna-Godavari, Onshore
8.7.32 KG-OSN-2004/1: Krishna-Godavari, Shallow Water
8.7.33 KK-DWN-2004/1: Kerala-Konkan, Deep Water
8.7.34 MB-OSN-2004/1: Mumbai, Shallow Water
8.7.35 MN-DWN-2004/1: Mahanadi, Deep Water
8.7.36 MN-DWN-2004/2: Mahanadi, Deep Water
8.7.37 MN-DWN-2004/3: Mahandi, Deep Water
8.7.38 MN-DWN-2004/4: Mahanadi, Deep Water
8.7.39 MN-DWN-2004/5: Mahanadi, Deep Water
8.7.40 MZ-ONN-2004/1: Mizoram, Onshore
8.7.41 MZ-ONN-2004/2: Mizoram, Onshore
8.7.42 NEC-DWN-2004/1: Mahanadi, Deep Water
8.7.43 NEC-DWN-2004/2: Mahandi, Deep Water
8.7.44 PA-ONN-2004/1: Purnea, Onshore
8.7.45 PR-OSN-2004/1: Palar, Shallow Water
8.7.46 RJ-ONN-2004/1: Rajasthan, Onshore
8.7.47 RJ-ONN-2004/2: Rajasthan, Onshore
8.7.48 RJ-ONN-2004/3: Rajasthan, Onshore
8.7.49 SR-ONN-2004/1: Satpura-South Rewa, Onshore
8.7.50 VN-ONN-2004/1: Vindhyan, Onshore
8.7.51 VN-ONN-2004/2: Vindhyan, Onshore
8.7.52 MB-OSN-2004/2: Mumbai, Shallow Water

8.8.1 AA-ONN-2005/1: Assam Arakan, Onshore
8.8.2 AN-DWN-2005/1: Andaman Nicobar, Deep Water
8.8.3 CB-ONN-2005/1: Cambay, Onshore
8.8.4 CB-ONN-2005/10: Cambay, Onshore
8.8.5 CB-ONN-2005/11: Cambay, Onshore
8.8.6 CB-ONN-2005/2: Cambay, Onshore
8.8.7 CB-ONN-2005/3: Cambay, Onshore
8.8.8 CB-ONN-2005/4: Cambay, Onshore
8.8.9 CB-ONN-2005/5: Cambay, Onshore
8.8.10 CB-ONN-2005/6: Cambay, Onshore
8.8.11 CB-ONN-2005/7: Cambay, Onshore
8.8.12 CB-ONN-2005/8: Cambay, Onshore
8.8.13 CB-ONN-2005/9: Cambay, Onshore
8.8.14 CY-ONN-2005/1: Cauvery, Onshore
8.8.15 GV-ONN-2005/3: Ganga Valley, Onshore
8.8.16 KG-DWN-2005/1: Krishna-Godavari, Deep Water
8.8.17 KG-DWN-2005/2: Krishna-Godavari, Deep Water
8.8.18 KG-OSN-2005/1: Krishna-Godavari, Shallow Water
8.8.19 KG-OSN-2005/2: Krishna-Godavari, Shallow Water
8.8.20 KK-DWN-2005/1: Kerala-Konkan, Deep Water
8.8.21 KK-DWN-2005/2: Kerala-Konkan, Deep Water
8.8.22 MB-DWN-2005/2: Mumbai, Deep Water
8.8.23 MB-DWN-2005/3: Mumbai, Deep Water
8.8.24 MB-DWN-2005/4: Mumbai, Deep Water
8.8.25 MB-DWN-2005/5: Mumbai, Deep Water
8.8.26 MB-DWN-2005/7: Mumbai, Deep Water
8.8.27 MB-DWN-2005/8: Mumbai, Deep Water
8.8.28 MB-DWN-2005/9: Mumbai, Deep Water
8.8.29 MB-OSN-2005/1: Mumbai, Shallow Water
8.8.30 MB-OSN-2005/2: Mumbai, Shallow Water
8.8.31 MB-OSN-2005/3: Mumbai, Shallow Water
8.8.32 MB-OSN-2005/5: Mumbai, Shallow Water
8.8.33 MB-OSN-2005/6: Mumbai, Shallow Water
8.8.34 PA-ONN-2005/1: Palara, Onshore
8.8.35 PA-ONN-2005/2: Palara, Onshore
8.8.36 RJ-ONN-2005/1: Rajasthan, Onshore
8.8.37 RJ-ONN-2005/2: Rajasthan, Onshore
8.8.38 RJ-ONN-2005/3: Rajasthan, Onshore
8.8.39 SR-ONN-2005/1: Satpura-South Rewa, Onshore
8.8.40 VN-ONN-2005/1: Vindhyan, Onshore
8.8.41 VN-ONN-2005/2: Vindhyan, Onshore
8.8.42 WB-ONN-2005/2: West Bengal, Onshore
8.8.43 WB-ONN-2005/3: West Bengal, Onshore
8.8.44 WB-ONN-2005/4: West Bengal, Onshore
8.8.45 PR-ONN-2005/1: Palar, Onshore

8.9.1 AA-ONN-2009/1: Assam Arakan, Onshore
8.9.2 AA-ONN-2009/2: Assam Arakan, Onshore
8.9.3 AA-ONN-2009/3: Assam Arakan, Onshore
8.9.4 AA-ONN-2009/4: Assam Arakan, Onshore
8.9.5 AN-DWN-2009/1: Andaman Nicobar, Deep Water
8.9.6 AN-DWN-2009/18: Andaman Nicobar, Deep Water
8.9.7 AN-DWN-2009/2: Andaman Nicobar, Deep Water
8.9.8 AN-DWN-2009/3: Andaman Nicobar, Deep Water
8.9.9 AN-DWN-2009/5: Andaman Nicobar, Deep Water
8.9.10 CB-ONN-2009/1: Cambay, Onshore
8.9.11 CB-ONN-2009/2: Cambay, Onshore
8.9.12 CB-ONN-2009/3: Cambay, Onshore
8.9.13 CB-ONN-2009/4: Cambay, Onshore
8.9.14 CB-ONN-2009/5: Cambay, Onshore
8.9.15 CB-ONN-2009/6: Cambay, Onshore
8.9.16 CB-ONN-2009/7: Cambay, Onshore
8.9.17 CB-ONN-2009/8: Cambay, Onshore
8.9.18 CY-OSN-2009/1: Cauvery, Shallow Water
8.9.19 CY-OSN-2009/2: Cauvery, Shallow Water
8.9.20 GK-OSN-2009/1: Gujarat-Kutch, Shallow Water
8.9.21 GK-OSN-2009/2: Gujarat-Kutch, Shallow Water
8.9.22 KG-DWN-2009/1: Krishna Godavari, Deep Water
8.9.23 KG-OSN-2009/1: Krishna Godavari, Shallow Water
8.9.24 KG-OSN-2009/2: Krishna Godavari, Shallow Water
8.9.25 KG-OSN-2009/3: Krishna Godavari, Shallow Water
8.9.26 KG-OSN-2009/4: Krishna Godavari, Shallow Water
8.9.27 KK-OSN-2009/4: Kerala Konkan, Shallow Water
8.9.28 KK-OSN-2009/5: Kerala Konkan, Shallow Water
8.9.29 MB-DWN-2009/1: Mumbai, Deep Water
8.9.30 MB-OSN-2009/3: Mumbai, Shallow Water
8.9.31 MB-OSN-2009/6: Mumbai, Shallow Water
8.9.32 MB-OSN-2009/7: Mumbai, Shallow Water
8.9.33 VN-ONN-2009/1: Vindhyan, Onshore
8.9.34 VN-ONN-2009/2: Vindhyan, Onshore
8.9.35 VN-ONN-2009/3: Vindhyan, Onshore
8.9.36 AN-DWN-2009/3: Andaman Nicobar, Deep Water

8.10 NELP-IX
8.10.1 AA-ONN-2010/1: Assam Arakan, Onshore
8.10.2 AA-ONN-2010/2: Assam Arakan, Onshore
8.10.3 AA-ONN-2010/3: Assam Arakan, Onshore
8.10.4 CB-ONN-2010/1: Cambay, Onshore
8.10.5 CB-ONN-2010/10: Cambay, Onshore
8.10.6 CB-ONN-2010/11: Cambay, Onshore
8.10.7 CB-ONN-2010/3: Cambay, Onshore
8.10.8 CB-ONN-2010/4: Cambay, Onshore
8.10.9 CB-ONN-2010/5: Cambay, Onshore
8.10.10 CB-ONN-2010/6: Cambay, Onshore
8.10.11 CB-ONN-2010/8: Cambay, Onshore
8.10.12 CB-ONN-2010/9: Cambay, Onshore
8.10.13 GK-OSN-2010/1: Gujarat-Kutch, Shallow Water
8.10.14 GK-OSN-2010/2: Gujarat-Kutch, Shallow Water
8.10.15 MB-DWN-2010/1: Mumbai, Deep Water
8.10.16 MB-OSN-2010/2: Mumbai, Shallow Water
8.10.17 RJ-ONN-2010/2: Rajasthan, Onshore
8.10.18 VN-ONN-2010/1: Vindhyan, Onshore
8.10.19 VN-ONN-2010/2: Vindhyan, Onshore
8.10.20 RJ-ONN-2010/1: Rajasthan, Onshore

8.11 NELP X
8.11.1 GK-ONN-2013/1: Gujarat-Kutch, Onshore
8.11.2 CB-ONN-2013/10: Cambay, Onshore
8.11.3 DB-ONN-2013/8: Gujarat, Onshore
8.11.4 CB-ONN-2013/1: Cambay, Onshore
8.11.5 CB-ONN-2013/3: Cambay, Onshore
8.11.6 CB-ONN-2013/9: Cambay, Onshore

9. Conclusion

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Upcoming IndiaCore Organised/ Partnered/ Supported/ Endorsed Events

Coaltrans China 2019, April 8- 10, 2019 || Shangai, China


Tech Supply Chain Conference & Exposition 2019, April 11- 12, 2019 || Bengaluru, INDIA


5th World Heart Congress 2019, April 15- 16 2019 || Amsterdam, Netherlands


Ophthalmology Summit 2019, April 18– 19, 2019 || Rome, Italy


Pediatric Cardiology and Health 2019, April 22- 23 2019 || Madrid, Spain


RenewX 2019, April 26- 27, 2019|| Hyderabad, India

The 9th Asia-Pacific Floor Fair 2019, May 9- 11, 2019 || Guangzhou


13th China (Guangzhou) International Billiards Exhibition 2019, May 9- 11, 2019 || Guangzhou


ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week 2019, June 5- 8, 2019 || Bangkok, THAILAND


6th International Conference on Cardiology and Cardiovascular Medicine 2019, June 17- 18, 2019 || Dublin, Ireland

31st Annual Cardiologists Conference 2019, June 17- 19, 2019 || Rome, Italy

Coaltrans Asia 2019, June 23- 25, 2019 || Nusa Dua, Indonesia


Coaltrans Poland 2019, June 2019

International Conference on Biomarkers and Clinical Research 2019, July 15- 16, 2019|| Abu Dhabi, UAE

India Surface Treatment and Finishing Expo 2019, August 8- 10, 2019 || New Delhi, INDIA


4th Asia (Guangzhou) Battery Sourcing Fair 2019 (GBF ASIA 2019), August 16- 18, 2019 || China

World Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiothoracic Surgery Congress, September 9- 10, 2019 || Dubai, UAE

The 2nd POWER WEEK AFRICA 2019, September 9- 13, 2019 || Johannesburg


Coaltrans Asia Pacific 2019, September 2019

Coaltrans South Africa 2019, September 2019

Coaltrans Africa 2019, September 2019

Coaltrans School of Coal (Europe) 2019, September 2019 || Oxford,UK

Coaltrans Emerging Asian Coal Markets 2019, October/November 2019

32nd European Cardiology Conference, October 24- 26, 2019 || Zurich, Switzerland


World Infectious and Rare Diseases Congress (WIRC 2019), October 28-29, 2019|| Budapest, Hungary

The 5th POWER WEEK ASIA 2019, November 11- 15, 2019 || Singapore


13th International Conference on Surgery and Anaesthesia 2019, November 14- 15, 2019|| Brisbane, Australia

World Conference on Vaccine and Immunology, November 21- 22, 2019 || Dubai, UAE

Road Infrastructure- Safety, Operation & Management, TBA || Mumbai. INDIA

Mining & Mineral Exploration Conclave- ‘Need for Modernisation & Capacity Enhancement in the Indian Mining Industry’, TBA || New Delhi. INDIA

The Madhya Pradesh Agri Summit & Mela, (TBA) || Bhopal. Madhya Pradesh

'Thermal Power India’, TBA || New Delhi. INDIA


Indian Solar Thermal Energy & PV Conference, TBA || New Delhi. INDIA

Energy Efficiency Forum, TBA || New Delhi. INDIA

Smart Energy & Smart Metering India- 'Convergence of IT, Automation, Control & Communication', TBA || New Delhi. INDIA

Tech Supply Chain Conference & Exposition 2019, April 11- 12, 2019 || Bengaluru, INDIA
Conference Proceedings

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