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- Coal Sector Developments in India: Focus on Policy, Prices and Import Scenario
- Fuel Options for Electricity Generation in India
- Logistics & Shipping Industry in India-Identifying Opportunities in Modes, Services & Infrastructure
- Oil & Gas Sector Development in India 2013 along with Project Database
- Oil & Gas Sector in India-Analysing Frontier Opportunity & Challenges
- Power Tariffs in India – 2014
- Steel Demand in Power Sector Projects 2017
- The Indian Power Sector – Comprehensive Review & Identifying Opportunities
- Upcoming and Existing Coal Washeries in India: 2014
- Water and Waste Water Sector in India- Evaluating Emerging Opportunities

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Title Oil and Gas Sectors in India: Factbook
Year Published 2013, December
Format Digital-format-PDF
Pages 1500
Delivery Indian as well as International Orders & Deliveries accepted
Product Code IPBI-151
Price in INR (for Indian Orders)

Digital-format-PDF: Rs 100000
Combined-Print-plus-Digital-PDF: Rs 1,25,000

Price in USD (for International Orders) Digital-format-PDF: USD 2300
Combined-Print-plus-Digital-PDF: USD 2800

Book Details
The importance of Oil and Gas sector in India can be gauged from the fact that it accounts for 42 percent of primary energy necessity and 15 percent of India’s gross domestic product (GDP). The Oil and Gas sector in India is likely to demonstrate robust growth in line with the growth of the Indian economy; representing significant opportunities for investors across the value-chain. This is likely to increase the role of these fuels in meeting the overall energy demand.


1. Coal Bed Methane

1.1 AS-CBM- 2008- IV
1.2 BB- CBM- 2005/III
1.3 BK- CBM- 2001- 1
1.4 BS(1)-CBM- 2003/II
1.5 BS(2)-CBM- 2003-II
1.6 BS(3)-CBM- 2003- II
1.7 BS(4)-CBM-2005/III
1.8 BS(5)-CBM- 2005- III
1.9 GV(N)-CBM-2005-III
1.10 IB-CBM- 2008- IV
1.11 Jharia
1.12 KG(E)-CBM-2005-III
1.13 MG-CBM-2008/IV
1.14 MR-CBM-2005/III
1.15 NK (West)-CBM-2003/II
1.16 NK- CBM- 2001-1
1.17 Raniganj South
1.18 RG (East)-CBM-2001/1
1.19 RM(E)-CBM-2008/IV
1.20 RM-CBM-2005-III
1.21 SH (North)-CBM- 2003/II
1.22 SK-CBM-2003/II
1.23 SP(East)-CBM-2001/1
1.24 SP(NE)-CBM-2008/IV
1.25 SP(North)-CBM-2005/III
1.26 SP(West)-CBM-2001/I
1.27 SR(W)-CBM-2008/IV
1.28 SR (W)- CBM- 2008- IV
1.29 SR-CBM-2005/III
1.30 ST-CBM-2003/II
1.31 ST-CBM-2008/IV
1.32 TL-CBM-2008/IV
1.33 TR-CBM-2005/III
1.35 WD-CBM-2003/II

2. LNG Terminals

2.1 Existing:
2.1.1. PLL’s Dahej LNG Terminal:
2.1.2 Dahej LNG Terminal Expansion Project
2.1.3. Hazira LNG Terminal

2.2 Under Construction
2.2.1. RGPPL’s Dabhol LNG Terminal
2.2.2 PLL’s Kochi LNG Terminal

2.3 Proposed
2.3.1. Mundra LNG Terminal
2.3.2 Ennore LNG Terminal:
2.3.3. Spice Energy: LNG Re-gasification Terminal at Haldia

3. New Exploration andLicensing Policy (NELP)

3.1.(a). AA-ONN-2010-1: Assam- Arakan, Onshore:
3.1. (b). AA-ONN-2010/2: Assam- Arakan, Onshore:
3.1. (c). AA-ONN-2010/3: Assam- Arakan, Onshore
3.1. (d). CB-ONN-2010/1: Cambay, Onshore
3.1. (e). CB-ONN-2010/10: Cambay, Onshore
3.1. (f). CB-ONN-2010/11: Cambay, Onshore
3.1. (g). CB-ONN-2010/3: Cambay, Onshore
3.1. (h). CB-ONN-2010/4: Cambay, Onshore S-type
3.1. (i). CB-ONN-2010/5: Cambay, Onshore S-type
3.1. (j). CB-ONN-2010/6: Cambay, Onshore S-type
3.1. (j). CB-ONN-2010/8: Cambay, Onshore
3.1. (k). CB-ONN-2010/9: Cambay, Onshore
3.1. (l). GK-OSN-2010/1: Gujarat- Kutch, Shallow Water
3.1. (m). MB-DWN-2010/1: Mumbai, Deep Water
3.1. (n). MB-OSN-2010/2: Mumbai, Shallow Water
3.1. (o). RJ-ONN-2010/2: Rajasthan, Onshore
3.1. (p). VN-ONN-2010/1: Vindhyan, Onshore
3.1. (q). VN-ONN-2010/2: Vindhyan, Onshore

3.2.(a). AA-ONN-2009/1: Assam- Arakan, Onshore
3.2.(b). AA-ONN-2009/2: Assam- Arakan, Onshore
3.2.(c). AA-ONN-2009/3: Assam- Arakan, Onshore S-type
3.2.(d). A A-ONN-2009/4: Assam- Arakan, Onshore S-type
3.2.(e). AN-DWN-2009/1: Andaman Nicobar, Deep Water
3.2.(f). AN-DWN-2009/13: Andaman Nicobar, Deep Water
3.2.(g). AN-DWN-2009/18: Andaman Nicobar, Deep Water
3.2.(h). AN-DWN-2009/2: Andaman Nicobar, Deep Water
3.2.(i). AN-DWN-2009/3: Andaman Nicobar, Deep Water
3.2.(j). AN-DWN-2009/5: Andaman Nicobar, Deep Water
3.2.(k). CB-ONN-2009/1: Cambay, Onshore S-type
3.2.(l). CB-ONN-2009/2: Cambay, Onshore S-type:
3.2.(m). CB-ONN-2009/3: Cambay, Onshore S-type
3.2.(n). CB-ONN-2009/4: Cambay, Onshore S-type
3.2.(o). CB-ONN-2009/5: Cambay, Onshore S-type
3.2.(p). CB-ONN-2009/6: Cambay, Onshore S-type
3.2.(q). CB-ONN-2009/7: Cambay, Onshore S-type
3.2.(r). CB-ONN-2009/8: Cambay, Onshore S-type
3.2.(s). CY-OSN-2009/1: Cauvery, Shallow Water
3.2.(t). CY-OSN-2009/2: Cauvery, Shallow Water
3.2.(u). GK-OSN-2009/1: Gujarat- Kutch, Shallow Water
3.2.(v). GK-OSN-2009/2: Gujarat- Kutch, Shallow Water
3.2.(w). KG-DWN-2009/1: Krishna- Godavari, Deep Water
3.2.(x). KG-OSN-2009/1: Krishna Godavari, Shallow Water
3.2.(y). KG-OSN-2009/2: Krishna- Godavari, Shallow Water
3.2.(z). KG-OSN-2009/3: Krishna- Godavari, Shallow Water
3.2.(a.a). KG-OSN-2009/4: Krishna- Godavari, Shallow Water
3.2.(a.b). KK-OSN-2009/4: Kerala- Konkan, Shallow Water
3.2.(a.c). KK-OSN-2009/5: Kerala- Konkan, Shallow Water
3.2.(a.d). MB-DWN-2009/1: Mumbai, Deep Water
3.2.(a.e). MB-OSN-2009/3: Mumbai, Shallow Water
3.2.(a.f). MB-OSN-2009/6: Mumbai, Shallow Water
3.2.(a.g). MB-OSN-2009/7: Mumbai, Shallow Water
3.2.(a.h). VN-ONN-2009/1: Vindhyan, Onshore
3.2.(a.i). VN-ONN-2009/2: Vindhyan, Onshore
3.2.(a.j). VN-ONN-2009/3: Vindhyan, Onshore

3.3.(a). AA-ONN-2005/1: Assam- Arakan, Onshore
3.3.(b). AN-DWN-2005/1: Andaman Nicobar, Deep Water
3.3.(c). CB-ONN-2005/1: Cambay, Onshore
3.3.(d). CB-ONN-2005/10: Cambay, Onshore
3.3.(e). CB-ONN-2005/11: Cambay, Onshore
3.3.(f). CB-ONN-2005/2: Cambay, Onshore
3.3.(g). CB-ONN-2005/3: Cambay, Onshore
3.3.(h). CB-ONN-2005/4: Cambay, Onshore
3.3.(i). CB-ONN-2005/5 Krishna- Godavari, Onshore
3.3.(j). CB-ONN-2005/6: Cambay, Onshore
3.3.(k). CB-ONN-2005/7: Cambay, Onshore
3.3.(l). CB-ONN-2005/8: Cambay, Onshore
3.3.(m). CB-ONN-2005/9: Cambay, Onshore
3.3.(n). CY-ONN-2005/1: Cauvery, Onshore
3.3.(o). GV-ONN-2005/3: Ganga Valley, Onshore
3.3.(p). KG-DWN-2005/1: Krishna- Godavari, Deep Water
3.3.(q). KG-DWN-2005/2: Krishna- Godavari, Deep Water
3.3.(r). KG-OSN-2005/1: Krishna- Godavari, Shallow Water
3.3.(s). KG-OSN-2005/2: Krishna- Godavari, Shallow Water
3.3.(t). KK-DWN-2005/1: Kerala- Konkan, Deep Water
3.3.(u). KK-DWN-2005/2: Kerala- Konkan, Deep Water
3.3.(v). MB-DWN-2005/2: Mumbai, Deep Water
3.3.(w). MB-DWN-2005/3: Mumbai, Deep Water
3.3.(w). MB-DWN-2005/4: Mumbai, Deep Water
3.3.(x). MB-DWN-2005/5: Mumbai, Deep Water
3.3.(y). MB-DWN-2005/7: Mumbai, Deep Water
3.3.(z). MB-DWN-2005/8: Mumbai, Deep Water
3.3.(a.a). MB-DWN-2005/9: Mumbai, Deep Water
3.3.(a.b). MB-OSN-2005/1: Mumbai, Shallow Water
3.3.(a.c). MB-OSN-2005/2: Mumbai,Shallow Water
3.3.(a.e). MB-OSN-2005/5: Mumbai, Shallow Water
3.3.(a.f.) MB-OSN-2005/6: Mumbai,Shallow Water
3.2.(b.r). PA-ONN-2005/2: Purnea, Onshore
3.3.(a.h). PR-ONN-2005/1: Palar,Onshore
3.3.(a.i). RJ-ONN-2005/1: Rajasthan, Onshore
3.3.(a.j). RJ-ONN-2005/2: Rajasthan, Onshore
3.3.(a.l). SR-ONN-2005/1: Satpura - South Rewa, Onshore
3.3.(a.m). VN-ONN-2005/1: Vindhyan, Onshore
3.3.(a.n). VN-ONN-2005/2: Vindhyan, Onshore
3.3.(a.o). WB-ONN-2005/2: Bengal, Onshore
3.3.(a.p). WB-ONN-2005/3: Bengal, Onshore
3.3.(a.q). WB-ONN-2005/4: Bengal, Onshore

3.4.(a) AA-ONN-2004/1: Assam- Arakan, Onshore
3.4.(b). AA-ONN-2004/2: Assam- Arakan, Onshore
3.4.(c). AA-ONN-2004/3: Assam- Arakan, Onshore
3.4.(d). AA-ONN-2004/4: Assam- Arakan, Onshore
3.4.(e). AA-ONN-2004/5: Assam- Arakan, Onshore
3.4.(f). CB-ONN-2004/1: Cambay, Onshore
3.4.(g). CB-ONN-2004/2: Cambay, Onshore
3.4.(h). CB-ONN-2004/3: Cambay, Onshore
3.4.(i). CB-ONN-2004/4: Cambay, Onshore
3.4.(j). CB-ONN-2004/5: Cambay, Onshore
3.4.(k). CB-OSN-2004/1: Gulf of Cambay, Shallow Water
3.4.(l). CY-DWN-2004/1: Cauvery, Deep Water
3.4.(m). CY-DWN-2004/2: Cauvery, Deep Water
3.4.(n). CY-DWN-2004/3: Cauvery, Deep Water
3.4.(o). sCY-DWN-2004/4: Cauvery, Deep Water
3.4.(p). CY-PR-DWN-2004/1: Cauvery, Deep Water
3.4.(q). CY-PR-DWN-2004/2: Cauvery,Deep Water
3.4.(r). GS-OSN-2004/1: Gujarat- Saurashtra, Shallow Water
3.4.(s). GV-ONN-2004/1: Ganga Valley, Onshore
3.4.(t). KG-DWN-2004/1: Krishna- Godavari, Deep Water
3.4.(u). KG-DWN-2004/2: Krishna- Godavari, Deep Water
3.4.(v) KG-DWN-2004/3: Krishna- Godavari, Deep Water
3.4. (w). KG-DWN-2004/4: Krishna- Godavari, Deep Water
3.4.(x). KG-DWN-2004/5: Krishna- Godavari, Deep Water
3.4.(y). KG-DWN-2004/6: Krishna- Godavari, Deep Water
3.4.(z). KG-DWN-2004/7: Krishna- Godavari, Deep Water
3.4.(aa). KG-ONN-2004/1: Krishna- Godavari, Onshore
3.4.(a.b).KG-ONN-2004/2: Krishna- Godavari, Onshore
3.4.(ac). KG-OSN-2004/1: Krishna- Godavari, Shallow Water
3.4.(ad). KK-DWN-2004/1: Kerala- Konkan, Deep Water
3.4.(ae). MB-OSN-2004/1: Mumbai, Shallow Water
3.4.(af). MB-OSN-2004/2: Mumbai, Shallow Water
3.4.(ag). MN-DWN-2004/1: Mahanadi, Deep Water
3.4.(ai). MN-DWN-2004/3: Mahanadi, Deep Water
3.4.(aj). MN-DWN-2004/4: Mahanadi, Deep Water
3.4.(ak). MN-DWN-2004/5: Mahanadi, Deep Water
3.4.(al). MZ-ONN-2004/1: Mizoram, Onshore
3.4.(am). MZ-ONN-2004/2: Mizoram, Onshore
3.4.(an). NEC-DWN-2004/1: Mahanadi, Deep Water
3.4.(ao). NEC-DWN-2004/2: Mahanadi, Deep Water
3.4.(ap). PA-ONN-2004/1: Purnea, Onshore
3.4.(aq). PR-OSN-2004/1: Palar, Shallow Water
3.4.(ar). RJ-ONN-2004/1: Rajasthan, Onshore
3.4.(as). RJ-ONN-2004/2: Rajasthan, Onshore
3.4.(at). RJ-ONN-2004/3: Rajasthan, Onshore
3.4.(au). SR-ONN-2004/1: Satpura - South Rewa, Onshore
3.4.(av). VN-ONN-2004/1: Vindhyan, Onshore
3.4.(aw). VN-ONN-2004/2: Vindhyan, Onshore

3.5 NELP -V
3.5.(a).AA-ONN-2003/1: Assam- Arakan, Onshore
3.5.(b). AA-ONN-2003/2: Assam Arakan (Arunachal), Onshore
3.5.(c). AA-ONN-2003/3: Assam Arakan (Arunachal), Onshore
3.5.(d). AN-DWN-2003/1: Andaman Nicobar, Deep Water
3.5.(e). AN-DWN-2003/2: Andaman Nicobar, Deep Water
3.5.(f). CB-ONN-2003/1: Cambay, Onshore
3.5.(g). CB-ONN-2003/2: Cambay, Onshore
3.5.(h). CB-OSN-2003/1: Gulf of Cambay, Shallow Water
3.5.(i). CY-ONN-2003/1: Cauvery, Onshore
3.5.(j). DS-ONN-2003/1: Deccan Syneclise Onshore
3.5.(k). GS-OSN-2003/1: Gujarat- Saurashtra, Shallow Water
3.5.(l). GV-ONN-2003/1: Ganga Valley, Onshore
3.5.(m). KG-DWN-2003/1: Krishna- Godavari, Deep Water
3.5.(m). KG-ONN-2003/1: Krishna- Godavari, Onshore
3.5.(n). KK-DWN-2003/1: Kerala- Konkan, Deep Water
3.5.(p). MN-DWN-2003/1: Mahanadi, Deep Water
3.5.(q). RJ-ONN-2003/1: Rajasthan, Onshore
3.5.(r). RJ-ONN-2003/2: Rajasthan, Onshore
3.5.(s). VN-ONN-2003/1: Vindhyan, Onshore

3.6.(a). AA-ONN-2002/1: Assam- Arakan, Onshore
3.6.(b). AA-ONN-2002/3: Assam- Arakan, Onshore
3.6.(c). AA-ONN-2002/4: Assam-Arakan, Onshore
3.6.(d). AN-DWN-2002/1: Andaman Nicobar, Deep Water
3.6.(e). AN-DWN-2002/2: AndamanNicobar, Deep Water
3.6.(f). CB-ONN-2002/1: Cambay, Onshore
3.6.(g). CB-ONN-2002/2: Cambay, Onshore
3.6.(h). CY-ONN-2002/1: Cauvery,Onshore
3.6.(i). CY-ONN-2002/2: Cauvery, Onshore
3.6.(j). GS-DWN-2002/1: Gujarat-Saurashtra, Deep Water
3.6.(k). GV-ONN-2002/1: Ganga Valley, Onshore
3.6.(l). KG-DWN-2002/1: Krishna-Godavari, Deep Water
3.6.(m). KK-DWN-2002/2: Kerala- Konkan, Deep Water
3.6.(n). KK-DWN-2002/3: Kerala-Konkan, Deep Water
3.6.(o). MN-DWN-2002/1: Mahanadi, Deep Water
3.2.(p). MN-DWN-2002/2: Mahanadi,Deep Water
3.6.(r). NEC-DWN-2002/1: Bengal, Deep Water
3.6.(s). NEC-DWN-2002/2: Bengal,Deep Water

3.7.(a). AA-ONN-2001/1: Assam- Arakan, Onshore
3.7.(b). AA-ONN-2001/2: Assam- Arakan, Onshore
3.7.(c). AA-ONN-2001/3: Assam- Arakan, Onshore
3.7.(d). AA-ONN-2001/4: Assam- Arakan, Onshore
3.7.(e). CB-ONN-2001/1: Cambay, Onshore
3.7.(f). CY-DWN-2001/1: Cauvery, Deep Water
3.7.(g). CY-DWN-2001/2: Cauvery, Deep Water
3.7.(i). CY-PR-DWN-2001/1: Palar, Deep Water
3.7.(j). CY-PR-DWN-2001/3: Cauvery, Deep Water
3.7.(k). CY-PR-DWN-2001/4: Cauvery, Deep Water
3.7.(l). CB-OS/2: Cambay, Shallow Water
3.7.(m). HF-ONN-2001/1: Himalayan Foreland, Onshore
3.7.(n). KG-DWN-2001/1: Krishna- Godavari, Deep Water
3.7.(o). KG-OSN-2001/1: Krishna- Godavari, Shallow Water
3.7.(p). KG-OSN-2001/2: Krishna- Godavari, Shallow Water
3.7.(q). KG-OSN-2001/3: Krishna- Godavari, Shallow Water
3.7.(r). KK-DWN-2001/1: Kerala- Konkan, Deep Water
3.7.(t). KK-DWN-2001/3: Kerala- Konkan, Deep Water
3.7.(u). KK-OSN-2001/2: Kerala- Konkan, Shallow Water
3.7.(v). KK-OSN-2001/3: Kerala- Konkan, Shallow Water
3.7.(w). PG-ONN-2001/1: Pranhita- Godavari, Onshore

3.8.(a). AS-ONN-2000/1: Upper Assam, Onshore
3.8.(b). CB-ONN-2000/1: Cambay, Onshore
3.8.(c). CB-ONN-2000/2: Cambay, Onshore
3.8.(d). CY-OSN-2000/1: Cauvery,Shallow Water
3.8.(e). CY-OSN-2000/2: Cauvery, Shallow Water
3.8.(f). GS-DWN-2000/1: Gujarat-Saurashtra, Deep Water
3.8.(g). GS-DWN-2000/2: Gujarat- Saurashtra, Deep Water
3.8.(h). GS-OSN-2000/1: Gujarat-Saurashtra, Shallow Water
3.8.(i). GV-ONN-2000/1: Ganga Valley, Onshore
3.8.(j). KK-DWN-2000/1: Kerala-Konkan, Deep Water
3.8.(k). KK-DWN-2000/2: Kerala- Konkan, Deep Water
3.8.(l). KK-DWN-2000/3: Kerala-Konkan, Deep Water
3.8.(n). KK-OSN-2000/1: Kerala- Konkan, Shallow Water
3.8.(o). MB-DWN-2000/1: Mumbai,Deep Water
3.8.(p). MB-DWN-2000/2: Mumbai, Deep Water
3.8.(q). MB-OSN-2000/1: Mumbai,Shallow Water
3.8.(r). MN-ONN-2000/1: Mahanadi, Onshore
3.8.(s). MN-OSN-2000/1: Mahanadi,Shallow Water
3.8.(t). MN-OSN-2000/2: Mahanadi, Shallow Water
3.8.(v). WB-ONN-2000/1: Bengal,Onshore
3.8.(w). WB-OSN-2000/1: Bengal, Shallow Water

3.9. NELP-I
3.9.(a). CY-OSN-97/1: Cauvery, ShallowWater
3.9.(c). GK-OSN-97/1: Gujarat-Kutch, Shallow Water
3.9.(d). GV-ONN-97/1: Ganga Valley,Onshore
3.9.(e). KG-DWN-98/1: Krishna- Godavari, Deep Water
3.9.(f). KG-DWN-98/2: Krishna-Godavari, Deep Water
3.9.(g). KG-DWN-98/3 (D6): Krishna- Godavari, Deep Water
3.9.(h). KG-DWN-98/4: Krishna- Godavari, Deep Water
3.9. (i). KG-DWN-98/5
3.9.(j). KG-OSN-97/1
3.9.(k). KG-OSN-97/2: Krishna- Godavari, Shallow Water
3.9.(l). KG-OSN-97/4: Krishna-Godavari, Shallow Water
3.9.(m). KK-OSN-97/2: Kerala- Konkan, Shallow Water
3.9.(n). KK-OSN-97/3: Kerala-Konkan, Shallow Water
3.9.(o). MB-OSN-97/2: Mumbai, Shallow Water
3.9.(p). MB-OSN-97/3: Mumbai, Shallow Water
3.9.(q). MB-OSN-97/4: Mumbai, Shallow Water
3.9.(r). MN-DWN-98/2: Mahanadi, Deep Water
3.9.(s). MN-DWN-98/3: Mahanadi, Deep Water
3.9.(t). MN-OSN-97/3: Mahanadi, Shallow Water
3.9.(u). NEC-OSN-97/1: Bengal, Shallow Water
3.9.(v). NEC-OSN-97/2 (NEC-25): Bengal, Shallow Water
3.9.(w). SR-OSN-97/1: Saurashtra, Shallow Water

3.10 Pre NELP
3.10.(a). AA-ON/7 (AA-ON-7): AssamArakan (Arunachal), Onshore
3.10.(c). AAP-ON-94/1: Assam Arakan (Arunachal), Onshore
3.10.(d). BB-OS/5: Mumbai, ShallowWater
3.10.(e). CB-ON/1: Cambay, Onshore
3.10.(f). CB-ON/2: Cambay, Onshore
3.10.(g). CB-ON/3: Cambay, Onshore
3.10.(h). CB-ON/7: Cambay, Onshore
3.10.(i). CB-OS/1: Cambay, Shallow Water
3.10.(j). CB-ON/2: Cambay, Onshore
3.10.(k). CR-ON-90/1: Assam- Arakan, Onshore
3.10.(l). CY-OS-90/1 (PY-3 / PY3): Cauvery, Shallow Water
3.10.(m). GK-ON/4: Gujarat-Kutch, Onshore
3.10.(n). GK-OSJ/3: Gujarat-Kutch, Shallow Water
3.10.(o). GK-OS/5: Gujarat-Kutch, Shallow Water
3.10.(p). GK-OSJ/1: Gujarat-Kutch, Shallow Water
3.10.(q). GK-OSJ/3: Gujarat-Kutch, Shallow Water
3.10.(r). KG-OS/6: Krishna-Godavari, Shallow Water
3.10.(s). KG-OS/6: Krishna-Godavari, Shallow Water
3.10.(t). RJ-ON/6: Rajasthan, Onshore
3.10.(u). SR-OSN-94/1: Saurashtra, Shallow Water

4. Pipeline:

4.1. Crude - Existing
4.1.(a) Mangla Development Pipeline Project (MDPP) - Barmer-Salaya- Bhogat Crude Pipeline:
4.1.(b). Mundra-Kandla-PanipatPipeline:
4.1.(c). aradip-Haldia-Barauni Crude Oil Pipeline:
4.1.(d). Salaya-Mathura Pipeline(SMPL)
4.1.(e). Vadinar-Bina Crude Pipeline

4.2. Crude - Under Construction
4.2. (a). Mundra-Bhatinda Pipeline- HPCL

4.3 Crude – Proposed
4.3.(a). Mangalore-Padur Pipeline
4.3.(b). Mehsana-Bhatinda Pipeline:
4.3.(c). Surat-Paradip Pipeline

4.4 Gas – Existing
4.4.(a). Cauvery Basin Pipeline Network
4.4.(b). Dabhol-Panvel Pipeline
4.4.(c). Dadri-Panipat R-LNG Spurline
4.4.(e). Dahej-Uran Pipeline Project
4.4.(f).Dahej-Vijaipur Pipeline (DVPL) Project
4.4.(g). Duliajan-Numaligarh Pipeline Ltd (DNP Limited)
4.4.(h). Hazira-Vijaipur-Jagdishpur (HVJ) Pipeline Network
4.4.(i). Jagoti-Indore-Pithampur Pipeline with Spurline to Dewas
4.4.(j). Dadri-Panipat R-LNG Spurline
4.4.(k). Kelaras-MalanpurSpurline
4.4.(l). Krishna Godavari Basin
4.4.(m). Thulendi-Phulpur Pipeline Project
4.4.(n). Vijaipur - Dadri Pipeline
4.4.(o). Vijaipur-Kota Pipeline Project

4.5 Gas - Under Construction
4.5.(a). Chainsa-Gurgaon-Jhajjar- Hissar Pipeline (HVJ Extension)
4.5.(b). Dabhol-Bangalore Pipeline (DBPL)
4.5.(c). Dadri-Bawana-Nangal Pipeline
4.5.(d). GAIL’s Dadri-Bawana-Nangal Pipeline (Revised Route)
4.5.(e). Dahej-Vijaipur Pipeline (DVPL) Project
4.5.(f). GAIL’s Jagdishpur-Haldia Pipeline (HVJ Pipeline Extension)
4.5.(g). Karanpur-Moradabad-Kashipur- Rudrapur Pipeline
4.5.(h). GAIL’s Kochi-Kanjirakode- Bangalore/Mangalore Pipeline (KKBMPL)

4.6 Gas - Proposed
4.6.(a). Bhatinda-Srinagar Pipeline
4.6.(b).Chennai-Bangalore-Mangalore Pipeline
4.6.(c).Chennai-Tuticorin Pipeline
4.6.(d).Dahivali-Pune Pipeline
4.6.(e).Durgapur-Kolkata Pipeline
4.6.(f).Kakinada to Ahmedabad Pipeline
4.6.(g).Kakinada-Chennai Pipeline
4.6.(h).Kakinada-Haldia Pipeline
4.6.(i).GAIL’s Kochi-Kayamkulam Pipeline
4.6.(j). Krishna Godavari Basin
4.6.(k). Mallavaram-Vijaipur-Bhilwara Pipeline
4.6.(l).Vijayawada-Vijaipur Pipeline

4.7 LPG – Existing
4.7.(a). Vizag-Secunderabad LPG Pipeline

4.8 LPG - Proposed
4.8.(a). Jamnagar Loni Pipeline
4.8.(b). Okha-Jamnagar Pipeline
4.8.(b). Panipat-Jalandhar LPG Pipeline
4.8.(c). Uran-Chakan-Shikrapur LPG Pipeline

4.9 Product – Existing
4.9.(a). Barauni - Kanpur Product Pipeline
4.9.(b). IOCL’s Bijwasan – Panipat Naphtha Pipeline
4.9.(c), IOCL’s Branch Line to Hazira from KDPL
4.9.(d). IOCL’s Chennai-Bangalore Product Pipeline
4.9.(e). Chennai-Trichy-Madurai Pipeline
4.9.(f). Digboi - Tinsukia Product Pipeline (DTPL)
4.9.(g). Guwahati-Siliguri Product Pipeline (GSPL)
4.9.(h). Haldia - Barauni Product Pipeline (HBPL)
4.9.(i). Haldia - Barauni Product Pipeline (HBPL)
4.9.(j).Kandla - Bhatinda Product Pipeline (KBPL)
4.9.(k). Kochi Karur Pipeline (CCKPL)
4.9.(l). Koyali - Ahmedabad Product Pipeline (KAPL)
4.9.(m). Koyali – DahejProductPipeline
4.9.(n). Koyali-Ratlam Product Pipeline
4.9.(o). Koyali-Viramgam-Sidhpur- Sanganer Pipeline (KVSSPL)
4.9.(p). Manali-Meenambakkam Pipeline (ATF Pipeline to AFS, Chennai)
4.9.(q). Mangalore - Hasan – Bangalore Pipeline
4.9.(r). Mathura-Jalandhar Product Pipeline (MJPL)
4.9.(s). Mathura-Tundla Product Pipeline
4.9.(t). Mumbai-Pune-Solapur Pipeline
4.9.(u). Mumbai Manglya Pipeline Extension to Piyala/Bijwasan Project
4.9.(v). Mundra-Delhi Product Pipeline
4.9.(w). Narimanam-Nagapattinam Pipeline
4.9.(x). Panipat - Delhi Product Pipeline
4.9.(y). Panipat-Rewari Product Pipeline (PRPL)
4.9.(z). Sidhpur-Sanganer Pipeline
4.9.(a.a). Vadinar - Kandla Product Pipeline
4.9.(a.b). Vizag-Vijayawada-Secunderabad
Product Pipeline

4.10 Product - Under Construction
4.10.(a). BPCL’s Bina-Kota Product Pipeline
4.10.(b). Guru Gobind Singh Refinery Products Evacuation Project (GGSRPEP)
4.10.(c). Hook Up of TikriKalan TOP with Mathura-Jalandhar Pipeline (MJPL)
4.10.(d). Raman Mandi-Bahadurgarh- Pipeline
4.10.(e). HPCL’s Raman Mandi- Bhatinda Pipeline
4.10.(f). IOCL’s Viramgam-KandlaBranch Pipeline

4.11 Product – Proposed
4.11.(a). Bahadurgarh-TikriKalanPipeline
4.11.(b). Paradip-Rourkela-AllahabadPipeline

5. Refinery

5.1 Existing Refineries
5.1.(a). IOCL BarauniRefinery
5.1.(b). BORL BinaRefinery
5.1.(c). DigboiRefinery- “IOC Refineries”
5.1.(d). IOCL Guwahati Refinery
5.1.(e). HaldiaRefinery- “IOC Refineries”
5.1.(f). RIL Jamnagar Refinery
5.1.(g). RIL Jamnagar (SEZ) Refinery
5.1.(h). BPCL Kochi Refinery
5.1.(i). KoyaliRefinery- “IOC Refineries”
5.1.(j). Mathura Refinery- “IOCRefineries”
5.1.(k). HPCL Mumbai Refinery
5.1.(l). NRL NumaligarhRefinery:
5.1.(m). PanipatRefinery- “IOCRefineries”
5.1.(n). ONGC TatipakaRefinery
5.1.(o). EssarVadinarRefinery
5.1.(o). HPCL Visakhapatnam Refinery

5.2 Under Construction Refineries
5.2.(a). IOCL ParadipRefinery
5.2.(b). NOCL CuddaloreRefinery

5.3. Proposed Refineries
5.3.(a). BPCL LohagarhRefinery
5.3.(b. CALS HaldiaRefinery
5.3.(c). HPCL RatnagiriRefinery
5.3.(d). KRPL Kakinada Refinery
5.3.(f). CuddaloreRefinery
5.3.(g). ONGC AnkleshwarRefinery

6 Medium Size Field
6.(a). Kharsang: Assam Arakan(Arunachal), Onshore
6.(b). Mid and South Tapti: Mumbai,Shallow Water
6.(c). Mukta: Mumbai, Shallow Water
6.(d). Panna: Mumbai, ShallowWater
6.(e). Ravva: Krishna-Godavari, ShallowWater

7. Small Size Field
7.(a). Allora: Cambay, Onshore
7.(b). Amguri: Assam Arakan(Arunachal), Onshore
7.(c). Asjol: Cambay Basin
7.(d). Bakrol: Cambay, Onshore
7.(e). Baola: Cambay, Onshore
7.(f). Cambay: Cambay, Onshore
7.(g). Dholasan: Cambay, Onshore
7.(h). Dholka: Rajasthan, Onshore
7.(i). Hazira: Cambay, Onshore
7.(j). Kanawara: Cambay, Onshore
7.(k). Lohar (Selan): Cambay, Onshore
7.(l). Matar: Cambay, Onshore
7.(m). Modhera: Cambay, Onshore
7.(n). North Balol (HOEC): Cambay, Onshore
7.(o). North Kathana: Cambay, Onshore
7.(p). PY-1: Cauvery, Shallow Water
7.(q). Sabarmati: Cambay, Onshore
7.(r). Sanganpur: Cambay, Onshore
7.(s). Unawa: Cambay, Onshore

8.(a). Aban Ice
8.(b). Aban Ice II
8.(c). Aban IV
8.(d) Aban V
8.(e). Aban VII
8.(f). Actinia
8.(g). Amarnath
8.(h). Badrinath
8.(i). Blackford Dolphin
8.(j). C Kirk RheinJr
8.(k). C E Thornton
8.(l). Deep Driller 1
8.(m). Deep Driller 4
8.(n). Deep Driller 8
8.(o). DeepseaMatdrill
8.(p). Deepwater Frontier
8.(q). DeepwaterPacifi c 1
8.(r). DhirubhaiDeepwater KG2
8.(s). Discoverer India
8.(t). Discoverer 534
8.(u). Discovery – I
8.(v). Dynamic Vision
8.(w). Energy Driller
8.(x). Amarnath (Earlier ENSCO 50)
8.(y). EssarJackup TBN 1
8.(z). EssarJackup TBN 2
8.(a.a.) F G Mcclintock
8.(a.b). GreatdrillChaaya
8.(a.c). GreatdrillChetna
8.(a.e). Hull No. 3505
8.(a.f). Hull No. B294
8.(a.g). Kedarnath
8.(a.h). Neptune Explorer
8.(a.i). Noble Charlie Yester
8.(a.j). Noble Dutchess
8.(a.k). Nobleed Holt
8.(a.l). Noble George McLeod
8.(a.n). Noble Kenneth Delaney
8.(a.o). Platinum Explorer
8.(a.p). Pride Hawaii
8.(a.q). Pride Pennsylvania
8.(a.r.) Randolphh Yost
8.(a.s). SaagPacifi c
8.(a.t). SaagPacifi c
8.(a.u). Saipem 10000
8.(a.v) Seahawk 2505 (former PrideOklahoma)
8.(a.w). Sundowner 7
8.(a.x). Sundowner VI
8.(a.y). Trident XII
8.(a.z). V-351 (Earlier it wasSamedShikhar)
8.(b.a). Virtue- 1


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