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Title Biomass in India: Evaluating the Potential for Power Production-2014
Year Published 2014, August
Format Digital-format-PDF
Pages NA
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Product Code IPBI-143
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Book Details

Renewable energy sources offer viable option to address the energy security concerns of India. India has one of the highest potential for the effective use of renewable energy from sources like small hydro, biomass, wind and solar. There are continuous changes in technology, market conditions and regulatory environment that have led to the emergence of new trends with in the renewable energy sector. National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC) aims to achieve 15% share for renewable power in the total energy mix by 2020.

Energy is the prime mover of all the development process. With the advent of globalization, development process is finally ignited. India is now the eleventh largest economy in the world, fourth in terms of purchasing power. It is poised to make tremendous economic strides over next ten years, with significant economic development already in planning stage. This development is going to accelerate the demand of energy. With rapid rise in the price of fossil fuels and the anticipated shortage, there is a need to develop some sustainable resource. Renewable sources are perennial in nature and hence can be relied upon for sustainable development. Fortunately, India is blessed with a variety of Renewable Energy sources, the main ones being biomass, bio-gas, solar, wind, and small hydro power. Municipal and industrial wastes can also be useful sources of energy, but are basically different forms of biomass.

Biomass is a natural product of solar energy. World wide, energy stored in the form of biomass through photosynthesis is nearly 10 times the world’s annual energy use. The growth and the economic utilization of biomass, for power generation, as an alternative to fossil fuels has been on the rise and is being considered seriously. Assessments indicate that even if a small percentage of this vast potential were tapped, it would be possible to meet the total energy requirements of India for years to come.

The availability of biomass in India is estimated at about 540 million tons per year covering residues from agriculture, forestry, and plantations. Principal agricultural residues include rice husk, rice straw, bagasse, sugar cane tops and leaves, trash, groundnut shells, cotton stalks, mustard stalks, etc. It has been estimated that about 70- 75% of these wastes are used as fodder, as fuel for domestic cooking and for other economic purposes leaving behind 120- 150 million tons of usable agricultural residues per year which could be made available for power generation. By using these surplus agricultural residues, more than 16,000 MW of grid quality power can be generated with presently available technologies. In addition, about 5000 MW of power can be produced, if all the 550 sugar mills in India switch over to modern techniques of cogeneration. Thus, India is considered to have a biomass power potential of about 21,000 MW.

To tap this potential, MNRE has been implementing biomass energy/ co- generation program for the last 10 years. The program aims at optimum utilization of biomass materials for power generation or for replacement of conventional fuels through adoption of efficient and state-of-the-art conversion technologies. The technologies being promoted include combustion/ gasification/ cogeneration, using gas/ steam turbines, dual fuel engines/ gas engines, or a combination thereof, either for generation of power alone, or for co-generation, for captive and/ or grid connected applications. The Program has two main components- Biomass Power/ Co-generation and Biomass gasification.

Keeping the above points in mind, a market research report titled “Biomass in India: Evaluating the potential for Power Production-2014” has been brought out.


Table of Content

1. Biomass Sector Overview
1.1 Biomass Potential
1.2 Which is better- Combustion or Gasification?
1.3 Conclusion

2. Biomass Availability in India
2.1 Availability of Bio fuel in India
2.2 Growth Drivers
2.3 Prices of Raw Material across all the States
2.4 Conclusion

3. Installed Capacity of Biomass
3.1 Existing Biomass Capacity in India
3.2 Conclusion

4. Policy and Regulatory Framework
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Policy and Legal Framework
4.3 Current Policy Guidelines
4.3.1 Central Policy Guidelines
4.3.2 State Policy Guidelines
4.4 Issues and Challenges
4.5 The Way Forward

5. Procedure for Setting up a Biomass Power Plant in India
5.1 Initial Assessment
5.2 Identification of Land
5.3 Arranging Fuel for the Plant
5.4 Identification of Technology
5.5 Administrative Procedure
5.6 Power Off-take Arrangement
5.7 Overcoming the Barriers
5.8 Conclusion

6. Financing
6.1 Sources of Financing
6.1.1 Equity Financing
6.1.2 Debt Financing
6.1.3 External Financing
6.2 Eligibility for Financing
6.3 Issues and Challenges

7. Equipment Manufacturers and Technology Providers
7.1 Key Equipment Manufacturers
7.1.1 Boilers
7.1.2 Turbine
7.1.3 Generator
7.1.4 Gasifier
7.2 Key Technologies Providers
7.2.1 Combustion
7.2.2 Gasification
7.3 Conclusion

8. Biomass Plant Cost Economics
8.1 Cost Analysis
8.2 Return on Investments
8.3 States/Regions for setting up Biomass Power Plant
8.3.1 Factors to be considered for biomass plant site selection
8.4 Tariff Rates across the States
8.5 Economic Viability of a typical Biomass Power Plant
8.6 Conclusion

9. B2B Models in Biomass
9.1 Biomass and Bagasse Co-generation
9.2 Off-Grid Biomass Models
9.3 Conclusions

10. Biomass Power Projects
10.1 Baggase Projects
10.2 Non Baggase Projects
10.3 Case Studies
10.4 Conclusion

11. Company Profiles
11.1 Key Players in Bagasse Co-generation
11.2 Key Players in Non-Bagasse Power Generation
11.3 Key Equipment Manufacturers

12. Diminution of Risks
12.1 Challenges in Bagasse Co-generation Projects
12.2 Risks related to:
12.2.1 Fuels
12.2.2 Policy Guidelines
12.2.3 Financial
12.2.4 Technological
12.2.5 Capacity Building
12.3 Conclusion

13. Bio Power Outlook-Capacity Addition Trends by 2020
13.1 Growth Drivers for Bio-Power Industry
13.2 Bio-Power Outlook
13.3 Bio-Power Installed Capacity: 2014
13.4 Bio-Power in India: By 2020
13.4.1 State-wise generation
13.5 Key Players in Indian Bio-Power Sector by 2020
13.6 Conclusion

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